Friday, December 23, 2011

So a Wolf and Armageddon walk into an asteroid belt

I'm out solo roaming in a Wolf Assault Frigate, when I spot an Armageddon Battleship bouncing around some asteroid belts. There are wrecks at a few of them, so I assume he is ratting (killing NPC pirate mobs) but it pays to be cautious in EVE. He could be bait, but we are the only two in the system. This Wolf can dish out quite the DPS, yet I am concerned about breaking his tank.

I resolve to warp in at 100 km just to see what he's doing. He's engaged with a few rats, and I decide to fly toward him. I'm within my optimal range, so I get a lock on the ship and start filling him with bullets.

Shields drop pretty quick on Amarr vessels, and I start chipping away at his armor. Perhaps the pirates are helping, but his health is dropping faster than I was expecting. He finally targets me and launches some Ogre II drones, which I dispatch with ease.

I see a third pilot enter the local system. My directional scanner shows him commanding a Hurricane Battlecruiser and closing in on our position. I align and warp off as soon as the 'Cane lands on grid.

We have some friendly banter:
[02:51:08] Hasugo Numani > :)
[02:51:21] GIftedPlacebo > ha
[02:52:02] Hasugo Numani > and here i thought i'd get a free bs kill :P
[02:52:06] GIftedPlacebo > lol
[02:52:09] GIftedPlacebo > not today
[02:52:35] Reaperxvii > :P
After waiting out my criminal timer, I leave the system, wishing them a good night. And they return the salute:
Oh, and I caught it on film :)

That was perhaps the most thrilling and intense moment thus far of my EVE career. Imagine how I'll feel when I actually kill something!

Some things to think about as I review the video:
  • I clearly caught the guy off guard, and I wonder how I would fair if he started blasting me from 30k out.
  • I need to change the angle of d-scan once I land on grid.
  • I need to carry more rockets.
  • I didn't overheat, but I wonder if it could have been enough to get him to structure.
  • The Hurricane landed 100 km away. Once I saw him on dscan, I figured I needed to GTFO (had he been in fleet and landed right on top of us). If he had AutoCannons and not Artillery, could I have killed the BS with overheating before the cane reached us?
  • I wasn't pointed.

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