Monday, December 26, 2011

A Moment Alone with a Rokh

I had docked in a high-sec station last night since I needed to pick up some rockets. Today I decided to make my way back to our home system of Gare in order to claim my holiday gift. I had chosen the Thrasher pack with all the small projectile ammo, and I could use some more Rep Fleet Phased Plasma.

The first jump into low-sec is into a gate camp. A single Rokh Battleship piloted by an outlaw is orbiting the gate. I know of Rokhs that bomb the piss out of frigates, and I'm pretty worried at this point.

I'm holding gate cloak, thinking about what to do. The Rokh is orbiting toward me, and he's a mere 10 km away. Some people pack quite a few bombs, so I could be vaporized in a blink of an eye. I figure my best bet would be to warp out.

I set my destination to a tactical bookmark near my out-gate, and I begin accelerating, revealing myself. My ship enters warp and sails into the void. Perhaps I was worried over nothing.

The gate is clear, so I warp to 0 and issue a jump. I catch sight of the Rokh appearing on my overview right as I disappear. He's chasing me.

I immediately thrust onto my next gate, and tell the corporation that potentially there is a Rokh on my tail. I dock up in Gare, and provide details of the outlaw's location. I'm asked to grab a Hurricane battlecruiser in order to try blowing up my pursuer. Unfortunately I haven't taken the time to move my larger hulls to Gare yet, and I only have my Wolf. We forget about the Rokh.

Time to get more firepower.

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