Thursday, December 22, 2011

Relocating to Placid

As previously mentioned, Rage decided to take their ball and go home only after a week in Curse. The alliance leader apologized and offered to pay for everyone's move back to lowsec. He then scammed people out of their stuff and disbanded the alliance. No one I knew lost anything, but I didn't know many people.

Our corp, Deep Void Industrial Group, was in limbo for awhile since the CEO was busy with his move halfway across the world to China. We stayed in touch via EVE mail, and he's moved the corp down to Gare in the Placid region. This is a fairly quiet lowsec area, most traffic is going to/from Syndicate (NPC nullsec) right next door; most of the time the systems are empty.

The current plan is to grow our numbers while poking around and shooting things. There are belt rats here with 500k bounties, and there are some seemingly active mission systems several jumps away (they are low sec systems, which I hope to prowl >:) ).

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