Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting to Here

I'm a relatively new EVE player, taking the plunge about four months ago. This hasn't been my first time in New Eden, but it's the first time that I've stayed. I wrote (a naive) post about my foray, and even documented my first PvP encounter.

My first week was spent flying around low sec without much action. The remainder of my first month was spent ninja salvaging about 150 million ISK, enough to buy a set of +3 training implants, cruisers, and battlecruisers.

I stayed with a fledgling UK corp for way too long, and eventually went to RvB for some sporty PvP.

Heavily inspired by Taurean Eltanin at Flight of Dragons, I hoped to incubate in RvB and eventually break out into solo piracy. I participated primarily in fleet fights, which were a lot of fun, but not very educational.

Fleets got larger, and many station games were had. After convincing some friends to join, I started doing more duels to structure. These were learning experiences for both parties.

During these months, I had trained up Assault Frigates and began playing with the Wolf. In the last video I am piloting a Rupture because I was persuaded to join an alliance that was going to invade NPC 0.0. Even though my Cruiser skills are not where I want them, I figured I should practice with the bigger hulls for fleet ops.

I will talk about that venture in my next post.

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