Thursday, May 10, 2012

DVIG Recruitment

My Corporation, Deep Void Industrial Group, has begun a recruitment drive for industrial/mining pilots. As you may know, we are based in EF-F36 in Syndicate. This is an entry system to a very quiet constellation. Our alliance, TABOO, is allied with another alliance in the pocket, AL3XANDER. Between all the corporations in the coalition, we have 23/7 occupation of the area.

Deep Void in particular is a US TZ corp (00:00 to 04:00 Eve time), but will also satisfy early morning AUS players.

If you are a miner that wants to get into some juicier ores, or wants to begin PvPing all that we ask is that:
  • You can fly mining barges (at least Retriever).
  • You can watch intel channels and avoid silly losses.

We take in new PvP pilots regularly and have support/mentoring available. We try to promote a friendly and family environment. We have a good laugh about very silly mistakes (like lighting a cyno 600 km from a station), but we are much more interested in positive criticism and crafting good players. We run Newbie Training events.

Currently we have a few players doing industry for the whole coalition and are nowhere close to meeting demand. We have a wide selection of Cruisers and Battlecruisers that we manufacture and which are quickly purchased. Right now our bottleneck is mineral supply, and the corp will gladly purchase ore that you mine. We even organize mining fleets with the appropriate support vessels. We have plans to do Invention for common T2 modules, but one step at a time :)

If Industry isn't your thing, we are always looking for combat pilots interested in solo or small gang PvP. We have very light requirements:
  • 2.5 million Skill Points.
  • Willingness to lose ships.
  • TeamSpeak 3. 
As general newbie training advice: Aim for T2 guns on the cruiser or battlecruiser of your choice.

Please contact Phox Jorkarzul, Hasugo Numani, or Arorcyn Garnak with questions or applications. Join Deep Void Public in-game channel if you want to chat.

DVIG's killboard, if you are curious.

(If you looking to start your Eve career, I can offer you an extended 21-day trial.)

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