Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Syndicate!

Several weeks ago, our corp joined some old friends under a new banner: TABOO alliance. We have moved into Syndicate, an NPC-owned region of null space. Syndicate is known for its PvP and is home to quite a few famous alliances: Agony Unleashed and Rote Kapelle to name a few.

Azual, a member of Agony, has a nice write-up of Syndicate:
Syndicate is NPC nullsec. This means that it has all the mechanics of nullsec (bubbles, bombs, no gate guns etc) but no player alliance can take sovereignty - all stations are NPC owned and open to anyone (and in Syndicate, there are a lot of stations!). It's effectively a cross between lowsec and nullsec, with the ease of access of the former combined with the mechanics of the latter.
I'm having fun when we play with bubbles--I'm not so terrified of them anymore. We are already being mentioned in a battlereport thead. We do small gang roams too (my latest was a suicide mission into Delve which I'm not too pleased about). But the nicest thing about null-sec is not worrying about security status! Pop and pod to my heart's content. Awesome.

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