Friday, April 20, 2012

I feel like a nomad

This will be our third move in Syndicate. zzz... We are getting pretty good at it though. A few people have Transport ships to courier belongings to stations. Some of the other guys in the Alliance have carriers to jump fitted ships.

The Alliance is doing some "restructuring" too, essentially consolidating the number of corporations. There will be an EU TZ corp and a US/Aus TZ corp.

We've joined a coalition of alliances in the EF-F36 pocket, which has me pretty excited. It is a dead-end constellation with a station for research and manufacturing. Thus we can "bear" it up to our hearts' content, mine what we need, and manufacture a lot of ships. Hell, I may even train mining since it will become quite lucrative. (I'm hoping it will be meditative for the nights where I don't feel like thinking.)

CEO is trying to convince a full-fledged Industrial corporation to join us, which will help out immensely. Depending on if that happens and if they have T2 Invention covered, I may spin up one of my Invention alts to assist the war effort.

We may have a home.

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