Tuesday, March 6, 2012


No one reads this, but I'm still here!

Past couple months I set up three secondary characters to do Tech2 Invention and Manufacturing in order to make ISK. I bought a couple PLEX to active the accounts and fund the initial capital (and even won a third from SOMER Blink). My original intention was to get the ball rolling and log in with the characters about twice a month and collect a check. This was far from reality.

I had a small tower set up in high sec, and established the Copy, Invent, & Manufacture pipeline--from blueprint to item took about 3 days. But in order to maximize my profits, I was logging in every day for an hour or more. I had to run to Jita to buy more materials daily, and then I had to monitor my sell orders constantly just to fight in undercutting wars. It was a real nuisance and was taking significant time away from pew pew.

I closed up shop after 2 months or so. I made back the money I spent on PLEX and even turned a billion in profit. It was good to see how Invention and industry work, so I'm glad I did it, but never again.

My current money making scheme is to do Incursions. I have an extra character on a friend's account which he barely uses, yet still pays for. He is trained for level 4 missions, so after some minor skilling and refitting, I get him into HQ Incursion fleets as a sniper. HQ fleets aren't the milk and honey you hear about in tales--they make between 35 and 50 mil an hour. And then there are all the annoying people in fleet. So yeah; with my bank, I'm shelving the HQs, training the character into a Nightmare, and waiting to run Vanguards, which will be more profitable and hopefully less irritating.

And HQ sites are terribly boring. This is "fun":

Hasugo's skill plan took a bit of a detour. Since I like flying nimble ships, I decided to max some of my Navigation skills. I couldn't fit some basic t2 modules like webs and medium neuts, so I trained the respective skills. Since gate guns hurt, I trained relevant Hurricane skills to 4 so that I can be more effective in our tiny gangs.

During one of these fights, I was beating the piss out of another 'cane, a Daredevil, and a Zealot 3v1. I stupidly switched targets from the Hurricane to the Daredevil mid-fight, and thus ended up dying just as my fleet landed, but I fell in love with the Hurricane. Both the 'cane and DD were in structure when I popped, so I could have walked away the victor in a 3v1 (the Zealot warped as soon my fleet entered the system) if I hadn't switched targets.

After that awesome fight, I decided to train Battlecruiser to level 5, adding an amazing 50 DPS to my Hurricane. I'm also taking advantage of Cruiser 5 with a Stabber Fleet Issue. Vagabond is likely up next when I decide to work on Heavy Assault Cruiser. I'm still interested in the Cynabal, it's just taking a little longer :P

The SFI is fun to fly; I like the dual-propulsion modules. I also get to use an active armor tank with it, and thus I spent some time on my drug skills. I can pop an Exile booster in a pinch.

All-in-all I'm having fun and think this is the best MMO on the market. Every now and then there are quiet nights (like tonight) that appear uneventful. But as I said before, even some simple cat and mouse is exciting--we tried to catch a Viator through several gates, but no luck.

Ship loses don't phase me much anymore, but the adrenalin still pumps when locking someone up.

I gotta remember to run Fraps too. It's really helpful for After Action Review.

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